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Rainbow Six Siege hits the 40 million downloads Empty Rainbow Six Siege hits the 40 million downloads

Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:57 pm
Rainbow Six Siege has had a rough start but it has recuperated incredibly well staying true to the tradition of Ubisoft games launching poorly and becoming better over time. It paid off as the game has over 40 million players in total.

The game's growth is rather wild lately since Ubisoft celebrated a 35 million players milestone just a few months back in June 2018 meaning Rainbow Six Siege had an influx of five million players over five months. The numbers may have been radically increased thanks to frequent sales and promotions such as free weekends for Rainbow Six Siege but sadly there is no telling how many of those copies are Starter Editions.

Ubisoft wants the game to grow in China and in other countries in Asia with a booming gaming audience of course so the developer decided to change a couple of icons in Rainbow Six Siege as well as some elements from a couple of maps. Buy Cheap R6 Credits on with fast delivery and 100% safety. On Steam the game’s review rating has changed from ‘Mostly Positive’ to ‘Mixed’ as a result of a torrent of negative reviews submitted in the past five days.

What really hooks me in with this operator aside from Ash 2.0 is a potential ability new to what we’ve seen from other operators prior. This quote from Ubisoft themselves stating “she’s an expert on environmental operations with a knack for pushing the enemy back” what could this mean? Well I don’t know for sure but the only way I can think of Ash being even more fun is to give her a Thundergun from Call of Duty Zombies.

Ubisoft also talked about how the balancing process has changed internally. It claims that operators take approximately nine months from the concept stages to full launch and that playtesting is now happening earlier and earlier in the development process to help identify balance problems before they arise. It also in a challenge to the widespread but unfounded belief that only Pro League players are considered when balancing the game discussed the data it uses for balancing which allegedly spans every mode and every skill level.

According to Ubisoft's financial report where the 40 million players were mentioned the company will seek more success on mobile and PC platforms. The former is no surprise as it pretty much trumps everything else in recurring revenue but focusing on PC over consoles is not something publishers pull off that much these days. Keep following us for the most timely news and guide for Rainbow Six.
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