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MyCareer is one of the most important modes of NBA 2K19 Empty MyCareer is one of the most important modes of NBA 2K19

Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:44 pm
NBA 2K19 is still the go-to basketball simulation game out there. Its polish and refinement have only improved since last year, and it's difficult to imagine any improvements for next year. The MyCareer story has definitely improved, and so have the cut scene management and character customization. MyTeam feels like a revolving mode of new updates and content, but players who don't purchase VC may be getting the short end of the stick, since 10 pack boxes are exclusive to VC only. The game is amazing in all regards, but the constant reminder and pressure to purchase VC is wearing thin.

MyCareer is and remains one of the most important modes of NBA 2K19. In the game you create your own character and experience a story. This will take you to China and the G-League before you end up in the NBA. In between there is a pretty nice story told, but that does get the pace out. Fortunately, you can simply skip cutscenes and you'll be quicker in the pots. Those jars are starting in the locker room, but this too is skipping to be on the field faster. As a result, you spend more time with gaming and less with waiting. Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

The fundamentals of NBA 2K19 are engaging gameplay and terrific visuals. These combine to make one of the most polished sports games out there and provide a strong foundation for the game's offerings. When you add in the presentation and commentary the experience is even better. The visual pizzazz of NBA 2K19 extends out to everything else. Menus are slick and appealing. The music tracks are diverse. There are no repeated lines in the commentary tracks or stilted delivery. Even the most simple of matches offer an audio and visual treat for fans.

The 2K series had few glaring weaknesses in the gameplay department before this release. A year ago, the team at 2K Sports worked hard to refine common complaint areas. Fast breaks and rebounding received plenty of love and, to their credit, it feels even smoother this time out. Players continue to realistically travel in the proper lanes before funneling out to the wings on a break, and rebounding feels more timing-based and makes sense regarding who is going up for what.

Even with its shortcomings NBA 2K19 is the best basketball game available. The changes over the previous year aren't extraordinary but they're sizable enough that the game is well worth a pick-up. For the twentieth anniversary, NBA 2K19 could've done something more like add in a completely new mode or some significant changes to MyCareer but that's not really a failing. It's more of a missed opportunity.
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