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MLB The Show 19 details all-new ‘March To October’ mode Empty MLB The Show 19 details all-new ‘March To October’ mode

Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:38 pm
We finally have some gameplay footage of MLB The Show 19 to pore over, courtesy of Tuesday’s release of the first full trailer for the latest iteration of Sony’s acclaimed simulation baseball franchise. Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame are sprinkled throughout the trailer, including MLB The Show 17 cover athlete Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn, and Christy Mathewson, the latter of whom is new to the franchise’s collection of “legends.” Presumably, they will play a role in one of MLB 19’s new game modes, Moments — the trailer closes with a clip of Willie Mays, an in-game recreation of his fabled over-the-shoulder catch in the 1954 World Series.

Fully detailed on PlayStation.Blog, think of March to October as a heavily-abridged season. In this game mode, players will only take control of their team for the games that matter. Think in terms of intense rivalries, clinching scenarios, and milestones. Beyond trying to get to the postseason with your team, users will also enounter GM and player-specific missions that will set the tone for the rest of the season. With fewer games played in this mode, the margin for error becomes much slimmer. The team's performance ultimately factors into a "team momentum" stat, which will determine how the team performs between playable episodes. Drop the ball and your team could hit a perpetual downward spiral, just like the Los Angeles Lakers.

March to October lets you experience all the excitement of your favorite team’s season in less time. How? For starters, you play only your team’s key games and moments. The results of your key games will be critical. The outcome of your performances during the key games will determine how well your team does during the simulated games along the schedule. The more games you win, the stronger your team momentum factor becomes. Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

The main goal in March to October is, of course, to reach the World Series. After doing so, players can connect to the internet and obtain more and more team-exclusive awards depending on the difficulty they decide to play on. While MLB The Show is no longer on a portable system like PS Vita that would really benefit from a mode like this, it still seems to be a nice addition for those who don’t have as much time to spend on MLB The Show 19.

Despite Sony San Diego's small size, MLB The Show has been consistently lauded as a top baseball sim. Of course, it helps that it's the only baseball sim, what with R.B.I. Baseball being a total non-starter, but the fact remains that it compares very well with its competition in other sports. If it has a weakness, outside of maybe online play, it's that Sony San Diego tends to be pretty conservative with its updates.
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