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Fate Grand Order is a game that relies on the Gacha system Empty Fate Grand Order is a game that relies on the Gacha system

Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:34 pm
Fate Grand Order, or abbreviated into FGO, is a game that relies on the Gacha system while using the premise of the Fate Series of Type-Moon and Aniplex. As for the premise, the game begins with the protagonist as a low ranking magus. However, a sudden accident then forces the protagonist leaps through different time periods. In these time periods, the protagonist destroys singularities. These singularities are abnormalities in the time line which the protagonist must fix to save humanity.

The major centerpiece of the “Fate” world is an abnormal incident that occurred in 2004, wherein the Grail was destroyed and, as a result, the host city, Fuyuki, was partially destroyed. Ten years later, the Grail would reappear in a reconstructed Fuyuki and once again the Holy Grail War was on. The latter event is the main story of Fate/Stay Night, the crux of the series.Fate/Grand Order takes place in a possible alternate world of that story, wherein the same events of Fuyuki occur but there are world-ending implications abound. The story isn’t all that engaging but it is fun to see some of history’s major players appear with super powers of some sort, to show that, if they were held at some supreme level, it was because they were indeed that powerful.

Characters also have skills that can be used for beneficial effects as well as your own skills that can be used to aid your servants.One of the biggest draws of the game are the various servants—famous, notorious, and infamous heroes from throughout time, assigned one of seven classes (although there are some exceptions). From characters from the original game like Hercules and Kojiro Sasaki, to original characters, part of the fun is seeing what historical figures will be assigned what classes, how powerful they are, and how they have been reimagined/redesigned for the game. By the way, you can buy Cheap Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz Top Up from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

Players don’t need to recruit the rarest characters to progress in Fate/Grand Order. But that’s hardly the point. Fans want to fight alongside and flirt with the important characters from the beloved Fate series, not the perfectly capable benchwarmers that the game gives out for free.The game knows that a certain very profitable subset of users will spin that gacha hundreds of times — at about $20 for bundles of 10 spins — until they hit the jackpot, and the lady King Artoria appears before them. There is, of course, a very low chance of winning the best characters. But the most dedicated players don’t care, or they see the game as being worth the investment.

Fate/GO’s mechanics may be quite a bag to unpack, so I’ll just go in detail about the more significant parts of how it works. Generally battle works on a turn-based system where you always get to act first. Generally the objective is to defeat all the enemies before they do the same to you. How you attack them has a bit of luck to it as you’ll be picking 3 out of 5 attack cards per turn, where you don’t have any real control over which cards you get to pick from, but you can take a guess. You have to pick which cards get you the best result you want for that given turn, as each combination of cards will net different effects depending on the Servants using them. To help manage the battle, you can make use of skills or spells that the servants and you, the master, have have at ready.
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