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FIFA 20: try for free with EA Access on PS4 Empty FIFA 20: try for free with EA Access on PS4

Thu May 16, 2019 7:23 pm
Are you curious to try Fifa 20 before its official release? From July it will be possible: Electronic Arts confirmed it, explaining that the most played football title ever will arrive on PlayStation 4 EA Access. It is a subscription service that allows users to try games in preview, access a library of complete video games to download and enjoy numerous discounts on purchases. Paying a monthly or annual subscription, you can try FIFA 20 for a duration of 10 hours. When? About a week before the official release, which should take place around the end of September.

For more than a decade EA Sports has launched the annual edition of the game towards the end of September, which is why despite the company has not yet announced an official release date - it could do so from 7 to 9 June next in the EA Play event 2019 to be held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles - this should coincide with September 27, 2019, or the last Friday of the month as happened with FIFA 18 and FIFA 19.

There are still no trailers in circulation concerning what should be the novelties of FIFA 20 in terms of graphics, content and gameplay. In the event dedicated to its EA Play 2019 video games, on stage from June 7 to 9 in Los Angeles, it is very likely that EA Sports will be able to show some preview to the public, maybe even a real launch trailer, however at the moment these are only speculation. Buy cheapest FIFA 20 Coins from Mmocs with fast delivery and 100% safety.

EA Access is the subscription service of Electronic Arts with which you have access to a catalog that includes numerous titles. Initially the service was launched exclusively for the last Microsoft console, but a few days ago we reported the news in which EA Access is also arriving on PlayStation 4. Starting from July it will be possible to be part of the large EA family also on the Sony console with the ability to access in advance the new titles coming out of the homonymous video game publisher. This talk also concerns FIFA 20.All subscribers to the service provided by Electronic Arts will have the opportunity to play 10 hours at FIFA 20 a week earlier than the official publication of the game. Probably the same argument will also be applied to those who make the pre-order, even if at the moment EA has not yet announced anything about it.

We know that Electronic Arts is going to take care of the promotion campaign of its hen with golden eggs. And to slowly raise the pressure to a few days of the official presentation of the title, the American publisher is content to send two visuals showing the logo and color code of this new edition.Nothing very exciting for the moment, even if it already allows us to get back to the forefront of what this new edition could offer, especially around the rights of the Champions League, but also with a brand new story mode since FIFA 19 put an end to the rich career of Alex Hunter.
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