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FIFA Street is reincarnated with Volta Football in FIFA 20 Empty FIFA Street is reincarnated with Volta Football in FIFA 20

Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:25 pm
EA Sports has just released the first trailer for FIFA 20 featuring Volta Football, an homage to the old FIFA Street franchise.The official FIFA website lists different ways to play Volta in the game, including a story based mode, a league (with promotion/relegation), and a journey to build your squad. The size of the sides range from three to five a side with keepers optional, as well as professional Futsal. The size and location of the venues can also change – including those with walls to run or flick the ball off of.

Volta Football doesn't seem to be simply tacked on to the main game. There's an exclusive Volta story mode, an online Volta league that will most likely work similarly to Division Rivals, and you can even play as a pro team in the kick-off mode. You can create your own pro prior to starting in Volta, and they can be male or female with customized clothing, hairstyle, tattoos, emotes… the list goes on. It's also the first time ever that men and women will be able to play together on the pitch in FIFA, which is a groundbreaking moment for the sport as a whole. And if you don't have enough time to play FIFA 20 and earn coins, provides Cheap FUT 20 Coins for you.

Fans of the series have long been crying out for FIFA Street to return to the franchise and it seems like EA is genuinely listening. Volta is Portuguese for "return", which tells you all you need to know: FIFA Street is back, and it's being done properly. Just please don't try to introduce Volta Ultimate Team, EA… you've already taken too much of my money!

FIFA 20 also introduces Football Intelligence in gameplay, putting you at the centre of the key moments in every match you play in FIFA 20. With new features designed to make AI players better understand time and space on the pitch, give you more control over each game’s decisive moments, and make the ball behave in an even more true-to-life way, FIFA 20 will provide a whole new level of gameplay realism.
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